Revenue is elemental.

Meet your product's new revenue sidekick.

Revenium™️ seamlessly connects all the elements of your digital products and takes your monetization game to the next level - all without writing any code.

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Any architecture. Any pricing model. Any industry.

Imagine a World Where Income Opportunities Emerge Like Scientific Discovery

Imagine a world where revenue flows smoothly; you can experiment with different pricing and go-to-market strategies and address industry-specific needs while working within your current product architecture.

Best of all, imagine doing all this without writing additional code.

Introducing Revenium

We're changing the rules of digital product management and monetization. In an era where APIs are pivotal across industries, Revenium's groundbreaking revenue mesh isn't just another invoicing tool or API monetization add-on. Instead, we accelerate the deployment of data-dependent digital products, increase opportunities for revenue generation, and drive ROI.

  • "Zero code" installation
  • Integration with most existing API platforms
  • Advanced monetization support
  • Flexible go-to-market tools
  • Next-gen observability

Revenium is the only solution for businesses seeking to transform ideas into income.

Why build it when we've solved the problem for you?

Developers Love Revenium

From code to cash, developers, engineers, and tech managers are responsible for ensuring that digital products are fast, stable, and secure while providing the best possible customer experience. Moreover, revenue-generation and go-to-market components are now considered "must-have" functionality.

However, engineering and supporting monetization features in your product's code base takes time and is likely outside your core technical expertise – not to mention any ongoing resource requirements.

Revenium eliminates this technical toil and lets you and your team focus on building the functionality essential to your product and core value proposition.

Ready to put Revenium to the test?

Seamless integration with your existing product architecture

Stop just managing your APIs and start profiting from them. Revenium’s proprietary revenue mesh architecture features easy integration through zero-code installation.

Revenium synchronizes the potential of existing API management platforms, service mesh platforms, unmanaged APIs, data lakes, AI/ML, and other data sources to harness their combined value.

Fast deployment; near-zero technical debt

Revenium is engineered to make it simple to deploy and customize a revenue mesh for your business.

Install our low-code, proprietary agent called a “revenue mesh Isotope.” Within minutes, you can discover and connect managed and unmanaged APIs, data repositories, and other technical assets to create digital products and services.

Go-to-market and monetization tools for any business model

Revenium's flexible go-to-market tools help launch new products quickly – from product definition to account provisioning to packaging, promotion, pricing, invoicing, and ultimately - profit.

User-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows ensure that once the development team has deployed a revenue mesh, non-technical product owners can easily navigate product launches and ongoing catalog management.

Real time observability and insights

Revenium features real-time monitoring and analytic tools that offer insights about your app's performance, API usage, and revenue.

These tools are accessible to both the development team and business users, providing clear visibility into how a product's features and digital assets are returning revenue.

Pay-as-you-grow pricing

Revenium's usage-based pricing means onboarding with is easy and designed for flexibility as your revenue grows. Each pricing tier includes a generous quota of events in your monthly base price - with plans starting as low as $19 per month.

If you exceed your monthly quota of events, no worries. Revenium's On-Demand events cost LESS per event than your monthly quota. You can always track your current usage in your Revenium dashboard and upgrade your account anytime to increase your event threshold.

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Why Revenium?

Stop managing your APIs. Start profiting from them.

Innovation without Infrastructure

Revenium is revolutionizing monetization and go-to-market activities for data-dependent digital products and services.

Designed for quick connections of disparate data sources - using propriety agents, we call "revenue mesh Isotopes (rmI)" - Revenium offers zero-code installation to connect natively with:

  • existing API management platforms
  • service mesh platform
  • unmanaged APIs
  • AI/ML tools
  • data lakes
  • proprietary apps
  • ERPs and other enterprise solutions
  • payment gateways

If your customers want it, you can profit from it.

Go-to-Market Agility

Quickly and precisely launching new products is pivotal in the digital age.

Revenium's revenue mesh is designed for fast deployment from ideation to customer integration, including:

  • product definition
  • customer onboarding
  • account provisioning
  • deploying customer-facing portals

Our user-centric interface and intuitive workflows ensure that even non-technical teams can easily navigate product launches and ongoing management.

Do business your way.

Monetization Flexibility

Advanced monetization agility is at the heart of Revenium.

With powerful features beyond basic metering, Revenium pushes the boundaries of monetization agility. Businesses can adopt versatile pricing models, such as:

  • subscription-based
  • usage-centric
  • tiered pricing

Pricing can be based on:

  • payload size
  • API call frequency
  • AI-driven monetization
  • geolocation data ... and more.

Businesses can integrate Revenium with ERPs or payment gateways to monetize products while supporting existing business processes. And as business or customer needs change, fear not. Revenium's monetization functionality easily adapts to product updates, customer requests, and new offerings.

If you know, you can take action.

Real-time Observability

Better information drives better business results.

Revenium's powerful real-time observation and analytics empower developers and product managers to make data-driven decisions, adapt pricing structures, manage technical resources, and maximize revenue.

From initially cataloging and identifying the APIs and data sources within your organization to real-time monitoring of customer engagement, product usage patterns, revenue trajectories, and vital KPIs, Revenium presents an unmatched view of product efficacy and the entire revenue life cycle.

Want a flexible and dynamic revenue architecture?

Your Business Needs a Revenue Mesh

Revenium is a revenue mesh. Similar to a service mesh in the context of microservices, a revenue mesh focuses on efficiently connecting and managing the exchange of core product and financial data within a digital product or service offering.

Revenium's proprietary revenue mesh seamlessly orchestrates and optimizes data flow, financial information, transactions, and insight about your digital products.

Using our low-code, revenue mesh "agent" you can quickly connect your API management tools, service mesh platforms, unmanaged APIs, data lakes, ML/AI, and many other data sources to harness their combined value and create new revenue streams.

Low code = High value

Revenue Mesh Istotopes

Our proprietary revenue mesh Isotope (rmI) is an agent that enables the connection of disparate technical assets to create a revenue mesh. With a simple, low-code installation, you can deploy, discover, and connect technical assets to develop new digital products and services.

Discover what you've been missing.

Service Discovery

Our revenue mesh helps you discover all API-related services (managed and unmanaged) and available data sources, enabling your business to easily design, create, and deploy new products and services.

If you can discover it, you can use it.

Data Integration

Revenium integrates, normalizes, and monitors data from discovered sources to ensure a coherent product architecture and consistent revenue flow.

During revenue mesh deployment you can connect:

managed and unmanaged APIs • microservices • data lakes • AI/ML tools and apps • custom code • proprietary data sources• ERPs • payment gateways • billing systems • and more.

Free your financials

Transaction Orchestration

Revenium orchestrates the monetization and transactions your product needs. The revenue mesh intelligently routes and manages requests to different APIs, applications, and data sources, optimizing for speed, cost-effectiveness, reliability, and, ultimately, presentment to customers through cohesive product offerings and flexible revenue collection.

Where flexibility meets scalability


Revenium is engineered to support scaling your digital products and business growth. By leveraging the flexibility inherent to our revenue mesh, you can adjust, add, or eliminate connected services in response to changing customer needs and product demands.

Moreover, once deployed, non-technical product owners can independently manage the packaging and pricing requirements for evolving product requirements.

Secure your data and financial transactions

Security & Compliance

Just as a service mesh ensures secure communication between microservices, Revenium prioritizes security and compliance for traffic between connected data sources and financial transactions. By safeguarding sensitive financial data and ensuring regulatory adherence via a revenue mesh, you can assure your customers that your products are safe and compliant.

Better decisions rely on better information

Observability & Analytics

Revenium's revenue mesh offers unparalleled observability, performance analytics, and reporting insights. Your entire team, from development to product management, can track and understand - in real-time - the product performance, app errors, and customer experience metrics that matter to them, not to mention overall financial metrics and revenue trends.

A dream come true for product managers

Holistic Customer Insight

A revenue mesh empowers businesses to derive enriched customer insights by natively aggregating and analyzing data from multiple sources, enabling custom go-to-market activities and informed decision-making.